Her Kink - The 'Lost' Keys


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Her Kink
Sapphire is supposed to be helping her boyfriend clean out the garage but there's a problem - she has only lost the key to the heavy weight clejuso cuffs she was playing around with. How can she possibly help him when she's locked in handcuffs?? He tells her he'll be back in 5 minutes when she has had a chance to have a good hunt around the room for them. Off he goes and Sapphire gets straight to work - having kinky fun in the handcuffs. When her partner returns she just doesn't know where the key might be, but it might be upstairs?? He had better look in every place in every room to see if he can find it in order to let her out, she tells him. As soon as she hears him going up the stairs she gets right back to having a sexy time - if he knew just how horny these get her! Some time later he returns empty handed and Sapphire has a terrible thought. What if the key is in their old toy bag - in the very garage they are supposed to be clearing. There's only one thing for it - he will have to finish cleaning the garage and hopefully find the key and she will just have to stay where she is and continue to SUFFER. Boyfriend safely back to work Sapphire chuckles that he'll be looking a while as she produces the 'lost' key from beneath the rug she is sitting on!
Handcuff and Shackle Fetish, Bondage, Submissive Sluts, Big Tits, Bondage Restraints