Her Kink - Unwanted Fetch


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Her Kink
Puppy girl Chayse is bored and wants to go for a walk, but her Faye is absorbed in something on her phone. Maybe if she brings her something she can get her attention. So the pup brings a slipper and that gets her some attention AND an invitation to bring the other slipper. Encouraged by the attention puppy girl Chayse decides to fetch something else - a newspaper this time. This is going REALLY well she thinks and fetches a favourite toy! Yay! Now her owner is playing with her - that must be more interesting than whatever she was looking at on her phone. But wait... where has the toy gone? Where is it? Where has it gone? Woof! Woof woof! Woof woof woof!! Maybe she should just fetch her lead. And the pup pops off to get it. "Oh no..." Faye is less than enthusiastic about having to take her puppy girl out - she only just got her slippers and paper! But she can see Chayse is too full of energy to give her any peace, puts on her lead, and off they go...
Pet Play, Puppy Play, Role Play, Slippers, Tattoos