Her Kink - Vegan Pony Girl Outfit


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Her Kink
Usually it is Chayse who has new pet or pony gear to show off but today Faye wants to show Chayse some exciting new pony girl pieces she has bought. Faye is vegan and came across an ethical bridle and pony girl harness made from vegan friendly materials, and marketed as such. Now Faye normally enjoys putting pet and pony outfits together out of non fetish items but this outfit got her excited enough to buy a set of her own. Because pony girl outfits are always made from leather. For obvious reasons, but still, as a vegan she thought these were so cool. She puts on the bridle - complete with ears! - and then Chayse helps her do up the many straps of the body harness. And when its on and Chayse gets a proper look at it, well of course she wants one too.
Pony Play, Role Play, Transformation Fetish, Fetish, Behind The Scene