Her Kink - Waking Up Wet


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Her Kink
Diaper girl Faye's alarm goes off but she's so tired. Resigned to getting up she plays about on her phone for a second before starting to take off her comfy pyjamas. As she moves she can feel the weight of her overnight diaper and gives it a bit of a prod and a squeeze. Oh yeah, that's really wet - I guess that's what you get for wearing a babydiaper at night, rather than something more robust! Time for a change before getting dressed. Taking of the soaked diaper, and letting it hit the floor with a very full thud, Faye gets to work putting on a clean Molicare. That should last her for at least the morning. Diaper on she puts on a cute little jumpsuit, checks for diaper bulge, then lays down to check her mails on her phone before heading down for breakfast.
Diaper Fetish, Diaper, Pee, Fetish, Brunette