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I am back home from work. On my way to other room I intentionally stomp on some groups of people. Now in the sofa, I place the little people I had in my cleavage in front of me. Those are coworkers from my lab and my stupid boss. I show them the shrink ray and the growth pill that I have stolen. I’ve been shrinking people for years and bringing them home. Here I play the role of a giantess goddess. But I don’t want to act like a goddess, I want to be one. That’s why today I stole the pill. I will start to casually munch over a bowl of crunchy tiny men. I swear my human snacks get tastier every day! I start telling them my plan; I take the growth pill that grants me the ability of growing at will. What would be the perfect size? I can describe the cruel things I will be able to do in different sizes. I decide around 300 feet will be enough. First time I need to do is destroy the lab. I have to erase all evidence and annihilate all the people so I make sure that no one can shrink me down. Then I will start with the conquering. First, the city. Actually you know what? I hate this city and its people, so I am going to destroy it. Annihilate every single person. A little fun before I start to work. Then I’ll have to deal with the army, but those bug sized people are no match for me. I am truly unstoppable. Soon I will have a lot of news helicopters buzzing around me like mosquitoes. I will be all over the news. “Giant woman rampages through the city” or some headline like that. I’ll tell the reporters that I want the country surrendered to me. That means that I will own everything. Everyone is mine now. Each hour that the country hasn’t surrendered I will crush a city. Ok maybe a city is too much, I don’t want to run out of people the first day of my reign, right? A thousand bug people will be enough. Once I am the ruler of the country I’ll demand that they build me a giant palace for me to live in. A throne is a MUST. While they build it (they better be fast or else) I will take a quick trip to Europe and conquer it. I am sure people are yummier there! That’s is pretty much it, I will spend my life being spoiled and worshipped like the GOD that I am and the world will be in my hand to do as I please. This whole speech has made me horny. I masturbate using people in my pussy, nipples, eating them…till I cum. Then I annihilate my 4 coworkers in various ways and I leave my manager alive. He doesn’t deserve a normal passing. Actually, he deserves to live and see what is going to happen. What is the most humiliating kind of slave that I have? I have so many types! Snacks, cleaners, sex toys, sweat lickers…I have to think about it. But from now on, he will sip from my spit /sweat and eat from my toe jam. I drop him in my cleavage and take the pill. This is going to be fun! I have a few hours before the pill kicks in. I am going to hunt to the last bugs in my house. Then, the world! Music and Sound Effects ONLY in the trailer ( bensound-epic ) KEYWORDS: V...
femdom, giantess, orgasms, shrinking fetish, vore