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I am live talking about my next video when my friend Mila Rose wants to see if I can do this new challenge. I have to put my arms in my shirt, once I'm stuck, she then pulls my pants and underwear down exposing my pussy! I am shocked and embarrassed. I can't even cover up so I ask her for help but instead of pulling my pants up, she pulls my shirt up exposing my breast leaving me stuck and naked. I finally get free and want revenge. So I ask her for help, when she walks over I ask her to explain the next video we're gonna do. When she start I pull her pants and underwear down to ankles exposing her bare ass and pussy. My friend and I continue to pull each other pants and underwear down exposing breast and trying to keep the other one from pulling them up. So me and her decide to have a all out bare ass pantsing and flashing war! The goal is to get one another’s pants and underwear down to ankles and expose the others tits. The one with the most points wins. To make it more challenging we have to do the pantsing war in public. Once done, we get back, count points and the loser have to get stripped naked. We're gonna pantse and flash in different angles, positions, aisles with people around. Climb on things to reach products, bend down to reach others etc. At the end of the video, the one with the most points is declared as the winner. The winner says to the loser says that she lost but she doesn't want to do it. She goes back in a livestream on her phone. So the winner talks to the cameraman and ask him to help her strip the loser naked. He comes up behind her and pulls her shirt over her head, but not completely off. She can't see and her breast is showing. Then the winner runs up and pants her, leaving her naked for the viewers. She gets some ass slaps and she grabs her phone and gets some close ups of her pussy and bare ass while she laughs. She gets mad and push her on the couch and strips her naked while she is struggling. Both of us are losers I guess, we both ended up naked. Over 50 Pantsing and Tits Flashing! KEYWORDS: pantsed, pantsing, panty fetish, panties, mila rose, missmilarose, milarose, games, flashing, butt, ass, butt naked, laughing, voyeur, public, public flashing, outdoors, pov, big tits. amateur, submissive, ass shaking, embarrassment, humiliation, voyeur, imposed stripping, leggings, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive
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