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I'm a prostitute that just got off work, still in my slutty outfit. I'm walking through the park back home when I'm stopped by my boyfriend’s, Jordan, bully. He wants my services, but I'm obviously upset and tell him that even if I was on duty I would never fuck him because he bullies Jordan. He finally persuades me, but I say only once and he must wear a condom. I get back to his place, and he pulls out his fat smelly cock which amazes me, but I try not to show it. I start with a blowjob, I have trouble getting it down. During, I think about how Jordan’s cock could never compare to this fat smelly cock. After, I realize the blowjob turned me on more than I realized and the bully taunts me about it. Now it’s time to fuck, so I make sure he puts on a condom. When he inserts it, I about to cum, and the bully taunts me about it. A little into the fucking I get so into it that I accidentally fart. I immediately stop and apologize, because Jordan hates it when I fart so I think no man could like my farts, but it turns out it’s a major turn on for the bully. Seeing that really turns me on, the fucking get rougher, and I keep farting during it. I submit to the bully and start calling him “Master”, talking about how massive and smelly his cock is and how wimpy Jordan’s penis is. The bully cums, but I beg for another round without a condom. The bully says he’ll do it, but only if I never fuck Jordan again and I become his personal cum-dump. Which I agree! During the next round of fucking, the bully takes me on my back while I talk about all the things I’ll do for him and never again for Jordan. He finishes on my face! He tells me not to clean up, and sends me back to Jordan like that. It finishes with me saying “Yes, Master,” and leaving. KEYWORDS: taboo, fuck machine, fucking machine, facial, cum on face, facialized, bj, blowjob, handjob, doggy, doggystyle, roleplay, big boobs, big tits, amateur, farting, fart, ass fetish, flatulence, pet, fetish, POV, peteuse, slut, hooker, bully, domination, humiliation, submissive, big cock, smelly cock, condom, ass shaking, dirty talk
Submissive Sluts, Fuck Machine, Farting, Facials, Taboo