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This is the Directors cut of the original. MUCH better music MUCH better editing and LOTS more footage!!! This stud fucked me for 3 hours STRAIGHT during this connection and it shows cause by the end of it the term "bed head hair" is a massive understatement. Contains a long unsanctioned anal invasion mid-way through - HES LUCKY I WAS EMPTY - THE BASTARD. If you ever want to see me do anal then get this movie cause it will be one of the VERY FEW times I do it. I dont like anal but tolerated his hot, thick veiny black cock ploughing my ass because I actually let myself get into it a bit. @ the 20 min mark or so - NO thats NOT A SLIP OUT when im cumming - my pussy is so small and tight that its been known to push a cock right out it clamps down so hard - you can see his stiff ass cock just pop right out and he is balls deep in me when it happens - this is replayed in slow mo as well. This is footage from a very causual connect thats just from my private lifestyle connections and was never shot with the intention to be released for public viewing and one of the reasons you can see a difference in environment and even shooting vs the Master Blaster series which was. The cumshot was very impulsive and wasnt planned so has been slowed down for viewing pleasure. Even with the footage added back in - there is tons of footage that still had to be edited out (from a 3 hour fuck session) that simply couldnt fit so I am considering doing some "lost footage" releases of my videos in the future. YES THERE IS ANOTHER SCENE BEING EDITED WITH THIS BLACK STUD AS WE SPEAK and I hope to shoot with him more in the near future
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