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Check out my epic Office Shoe Domination series. I play 4 characters. Ep 1: In episode 1 of a red hot custom series, the mean girl from your office takes ruthless advantage of your foot and shoe obsession. One whiff of her fragrant used pantyhose captivates you into doing her depraved bidding. This time she makes you wear her panties and stockings and demands that you bring her your wife's favorite shoes so she can get her superior scent all over them but her demands are just going to get so much worse as time goes on. Will your manhood make it out intact or are you going to be a helpless little sissy slave by the time she's done with you? tags: blue eyes, small tits, blonde, femdom, female domination, humiliation, cross-dressing, sissification, dominitrix, cheating, workplace, office, shoes, smell, sniff, high heels, feet, foot, stockings, hose, non-nude Ep 2: The saga of sissification and stinky shoes continues for our hapless hero (or should we say heroine? After all "he" grows prettier and more feminine every day under his strict office Domme's tutelage.) Emboldened by her previous triumphs, the Domme uses your addiction to the heady aroma of her panty-hosed feet to blur the lines of your gender and willpower even further. Now she expects you to let her paint your toenails every morning at work, shave almost all your body hair, and even bring her your wife's expensive designer heels! What if one of the clients catches you cross dressing? What if the boss finds out? What if your wife finds out you are nothing more than a pretty little shoe-sniffing sissy! Ep 3: In episode 3 of the series, the intensity really ramps up. Your cruel coworker Domme has stolen your wife's most expensive shoes and a pair of her pantyhose right out of your closet while she was at your house dropping off some files!!! These were the shoes your poor wife was going to wear on your big date tonight. Now her feet are going to smell like the superior scent of your Domme. She's not the only one getting scent marked either. Your Domme has a pair of her own pantyhose that she fully expects YOU to wear on your big night out with the Missus. As if all that wasn't enough disrespect to your wife, your unreasonable spoiled Domme has an even bigger bombshell to drop as she makes you sniff her stinky hose and shoes... its now time to actually CHEAT on your wife....but not with who you think. Ep 4: In this intense escalation I've manipulated your passion for my panty-hosed feet into a slavish willingness to do my bidding- and that includes sucking the smooth girlcock of my other office sissy slave- Danni the intern. Things build to a climax as I get you dolled up and ready to hit the big office party. I let you tone down your feminization a little in public in a series of compromises. For example you...
Office Domination, Pantyhose Domination, Sissy Training, Shoe Fetish