Jerky Girls - Bitch School


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EXTREME HUMILIATION....FACE SLAPPING...COCK SPANKING...SPITTING.....AND MALE SUFFERING!!!! Get ready to go to School....BITCH School!!! Miss Valentina Caliente and Miss Tamara Lopez are teaching a class of young, impressionable Girls how to be a Bitch!!! The two cantankerous Latinas bring in a Lab Rat...and totally Beat and humiliate him, while the young Girls watch. Miss Caliente makes notes on the blackboard, as the Women demonstrate Spanking...Face Slapping....Spitting....Cock Slapping....and then....while the Girls look on in horror....the two Latina Teachers cause two ejaculations back to back!!! Miss Lopez Sucks-Off the victim....and after he cums....Miss Caliente Beats his cock red...and then Miss Lopez pulls a painful second ejaculation with Her Hand, while she muffles his screams with the other Hand!!! This is very graphic...and the screams from the victim are VERY real!!! He actually calls the Women "Bitches" after the second orgasm....making Valentina smash him in the face and say "That's RIGHT!!!"
blowjob, femdom, hand over mouth, handjobs, latina

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