Jerky Girls - Cousin Nicole


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COUSIN NICKY BLACKMAILS HER COUSIN BILLY INTO BEING JERKED-OFF!! SHE MUST COMMIT A "GROSS" JERK TO GET HER MERIT BADGE.... AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY BROTHERS..... SO SHE BEATS-OFF HER COUSIN!!!!! SHE THREATENS TO KISS HIM IF HE DOESN'T CUM FAST!! Nicole has a dilemma to deal with.... As "Truth Or Dare" Week continues......Nicole is going for Her "Dare" Badge....and She must commit a "Gross" Jerk. Since Nicole doesn't have any brothers She can Jerk-Off to get Her "Gross Jerk Badge".....She pays a visit to Her Cousin Billy. Her Cousin tells Her to Hit The Highway...until...She finds his Report Card!! Cousin Nicky threatens to tell Her Aunt Terrie (Billy's Mom) about his terrible grades...unless he agrees to let Her Masturbate him for Her coveted Truth Or Dare Badge. Poor Cousin Billy has no choice....he reluctantly drops his pants and must let his Cousin Nicky Whack him. Cousin Nicky threatens Billy...."If you don't cum quickly for me...I'll KISS YOU!!!". Ha Ha Ha Ha. The threat of his Cousin Nicky Smooching enough to make poor Billy Squirt all over!!! Then.....Cousin Nicky gives him a big old KISS!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha
Taboo, Handjobs, CFNM, Cumshots