JickyJ - Nipple Interview


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I answer 20 questions about my nipples and measure them! 1. When did you develop? 2. Do you remember any inappropriate or funny comment regarding your breasts and/or nipples? 3. (Understanding that motherhood has had an effect on them) When did you start to think and/or realize you had large/long (I would call them "World Class" nipples? 4. Are they sensitive? 5. Can you suck on them yourself? If so, is it something you enjoy? 6. Have you ever hung anything off of them? 7. Have you ever tied them up? (*these last 3 aren't bad suggestions for future videos...) 8. Have you ever just looked down, caught a glimpse of them, or watched one of your videos back and just thought like "DAMN, these things are big", or something like that? 9. Have you ever caught people staring at them in public? Does that bother you or turn you on? 10. Has there ever been a time you can think of when you were happy or even proud to have them? 11. Has there ever been a time when they embarrassed you? 12. I saw that you used to have them pierced. Tell me whatever about that experience you would like (getting them pierced, having the piercings in, etc.) Why did you remove the piercings? 13. Have you ever had a dream that you can recall that centered around your nipples? 14. What is the best compliment you've ever received about them? 15. What is the worst or rudest comment anyone has ever made about them? (as if there could even be one...) 16. OK. Main Event time. Just how long are they? At this point you can measure them soft, hard, pulled, pumped, whatever you want to do, but all 4 and anything else you want to throw in is really preferred. As long as it is clear on camera, and verbally stated of course. 17. Have you ever measured them before? Now that it was done today, do any of those numbers suprise you in a good or bad way? Kind of an odd question I realize, just looking for an honest reaction to having just measured your nipples. 18. Would you ever consider using the kind of nipple pumps that aren't for milk, or nipple enlarging cream (which I have used with women before, and it does work at least a little) on a future video? (side note: I would be happy to buy you these items for you if the circumstances allow) 19. Since you have put yourself out there on the internet, what is it like to have "fans"? 20. Did you enjoy making this video
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