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I'm bored in Daddy's office watching him work, while all my friends are vacationing I'm supposed to be "interning" for him this summer. How lame. I'm supposed to be 'watching & learning' but really - all I'm thinking about is when I'll be able to get off another load. It's not my fault, every time I'm around Daddy I feel this way. He's the one who taught me how to stroke myself and take care of my girl cock. Plus, he LIKES it. He did suck me off twice, after all. God..the way he took my big fat girl dick makes me twitch in my short shorts any time I think about it. He was so hesitant at first, it was cute. But once he felt my throbbing meat in his mouth he went to town on me like you could never imagine. I cum so hard thinking about the load I left in his mouth, he was barely even able to swallow it there was so much. Fuck! I'm hard now. And Daddy wants to know why i'm not paying attention..maybe it's better if I show him why I'm not paying attention. See Daddy? Look what you did! I'm so hard and all I can think about is getting off with you now, I'm NEVER going to be able to last an entire summer interning for you this way. Won't you help me Daddy? Maybe suck me just one more time, or..I think I need to take this to the next level. You love your baby girl, don't you? You want to please me? And my big girl cock? Well, then give me what I need, Daddy. Let me stick it inside you..just for a minute. I promise I'll go slow *at first* and you'll LOVE it. Pleaseeee! I NEED to feel you from the inside. How about this, if you fuck me I'll let you fuck me another time..I PROMISE! I knew you couldn't resist me, you want to make your little girl happy too badly. Now spread your cheeks and let me put my head in.. Tags; Daddy Roleplay, Daddy's Girl, Creampie.
Futa, Futanari, POV Strapon, Virtual Sex, Imposed Bi