jocelynbaker - MESSY, GAGGING BJ: 2x FACIAL

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I begin the video innocently telling you how badly I've missed your dick, but quickly turn seductive due to my pressing need to feel you in my little mouth. Once I do, I waste no time doing just what you like. Giving lots of eye contact, I take you far into my throat and leave you there for as long as possible. Prompting my eyes to begin watering and the immediate reaction of saliva secreting all over your hard cock. I smile, proud of what I've done..and continue to deep throat you, pushing myself to my limits. Once I'm covered with my spit I want to show you what a messy girl I am and play with it all over my round, supple tits for you. Not for long, though, because I want you back in my mouth. Through the combination of me deep throating you and my hand stroking your dick you can't hold back - and give me a HUGE facial. So much cum pumps out of your dick that you get it in my eye! I'm happy to show you just how much you've covered my face, and it feels so good that I want to try to suck more cum out of you. So that's exactly what I do, get back on my knees and tend that sensitive cock again..lot's of spit, lots of cum, and lots of pushing my little mouth to it's very limit by taking you as FAR into my throat as possible! You love when I show you just how good I am with my mouth, and give me that second load I was after in just a few minutes. Coating me with so much cum that I look like a ghost! If you enjoy messy, gagging blowjobs you will love watching me in this. Tags; Cum Play, Spit Fetish, Swallowing/Drooling, Multiple Loads, Big Loads, Big Toys, Wet & Messy, Big Tits
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