Julie Snow - Hands Free No Touch Orgasm

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Someone asked me to cum hands free, since I said that I was about to cum while sexting, so I dropped everything and recorded myself on my cell phone. This video is POV to me, so you see some abdomen and some pussy but not a pussy shot, more like just me looking down at myself while I think myself into an orgasm. While I am writhing in agony, my pussy is a bit off camera, I was struggling really hard since I had started the orgasm while sexting and then had to stop myself and come back down to get the lights on, I was in a dark room initially. So the action of getting up made me partially cum but then I ruined my orgasm. So when I went to start all over again, my body was pissed off (HAHA) and it was almost painful because I had been so close, went slightly over the edge and then stopped it. So you hear me kinda go through myself trying to get past that wall, you know the edge where you can't cum....? I was sitting there for a little bit and all my nerves felt like they were going to explode. It is hard to explain it as being painful, but at that point I want to cum so badly and can't and also can't touch myself and the need to touch myself is just so strong that it takes a lot of willpower not to touch. In this video you see a money shot in the end where I you can tell I came so hard that my cum is stringy on my fingers when I check how wet I got. I hope you enjoy this!
MILF, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Solo masturbation