Kaedia Lang - Slutty Little Rave Babe


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Kaedia Lang
CUSTOM VIDEO! We are at a rave together and I am approached by another guy wanting to dance. I tell him I have a boyfriend and leave to find you, only to have you to tell me to dance with him. I admit I find him cute and agree to dance with him. He them proceeds to touch me everywhere, even going as far as fingering my pussy while you are watching us. I notice it gets you hard. After we come home, I ask why you let the other guy touch me so much and you admit you have a fantasy where I am a slut for another guy. You get hard while talking about your cuckolding fantasy. I notice this and put your face between my legs, telling you to lick my pussy after I reveal I had sex with the guy at the rave. He came inside me and I want you to taste him inside me as well. Enjoy
Asian, Cheating Wife, Cuckolding, Music, POV

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