KittyValentino - Tattooed Trans GFE The Remake


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Hi Guys! Kitty Valentino here!! I decided it was weird asf for me to keep narrating the descriptions of my videos in third person cause I might inadvertently come across as having some kind of complex or something ... Anyyyy who! I've recently come to realize that I could and should be putting be putting more effort into the content I release here!! So without any further adieu ( it takes me literal hours to think of something for these descriptions) I happily present myself in "Tattooed Trans GFE (The Remake)"!! The sequel (though I prefer to think of it more as the "prettier cousin" ) if you may, to "Tatted Trans GFE" circa. 2019 KV Enterprises. No KV Enterprises is not real. Its just a cool name I made up when I was 18.. Are you still reading this? I hope to fuck not lol... yikes.. If you are please consider purchasing my new film. I put a lot more effort into this one than I have in the past and I really hope you all enjoy it !! - Xoxo Kitty Valentino
Anal Masturbation, Cumshots, Tattoos, Transgender