Korina Kova - Big Dick VS Little Dick


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Korina Kova
This was a custom and his name is used, but we meet in a nightclub and you think I am so hot but you are too shy to come tell me so you send your friend over, you finally work up the courage to come introduce yourself, I surprise you by inviting you back to my place, but again you are to shy, so I tell you to bring your friend, when we arrive back I explain that I just got out of a bad relationship and I want to be spontaneous, I tell you both to undress, omg I can’t help but laugh, your cock is 3.5 inches and your friend is massive, wow its such a contrast, how about I take turns and judge your dicks in each position, I start jerking off your friend and it feels amazing so big in my hand, now it’s your turn, wow I have never touched a cock this small, this is fun I can stroke it with 2 fingers, now lets try my mouth then tits and 3 sex positions This is a fun comparison video
big ass, big boobs, humiliation, humor, sph