Lilli LoveDoll - Muscle Worship And Humiliation

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Custom! Name used in video is Joe. "You walk in on me trying to lift some light weights. You try to hold back some laughter as you notice me struggling with what doesn't look like much weight. Eventually you cannot hold it back and just laugh at me, interrupting my workout. You talk about how you noticed me trying to work out lately but that it doesn't seem to be having any effect, I look as skinny as ever (if not moreso). When I give you some attitude you point out that you are probably already as strong or stronger than me and proceed to do some flexing. You mention how you have always had an athletic build without even trying and laugh as you see me get whiny and jealous. You rub it in even further about your good genetics compared to mine, showing off your muscles further. Then you coyly get an idea and tell me you are going to start really taking advantage of your genes and start working out more seriously. You have me imagine that if you are already as strong as me now, just imagine once you start working out more. You play out the scenario for me, continuing to flex and showoff (and if you want to do any exercises you can), telling me how we will start at the same weights for most lifts but then you will just surpass me in every area, with me powerless to stop you. You walk me through how easy it will be for you to pack on muscle, get stronger, and humiliate me. You can throw in a little height humiliation too (I am 5'7"."
Muscle Worship, Femdom, Verbal Hardcore Humiliation, Workout, Yoga Pants