Lilli LoveDoll - Succubus Worship

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Custom! "Weve been friends for a bit & we're hanging out in your room for the first time. Im thinking how I might finally get in a relationship.My hopes are crushed when you tell me that Im mistaken if I thought you brought me to your room to bring our relationship to the next level. You berate me & tell me that youd never date me because you are superior in every way;looks,physique,intelligence,etc. One of the reasons include height. You mark a spot on the wall(162cm) & stand next it saying how silly us dating would look. You eventually tell me the real reason you invited me over. Youre a deity & to get stronger,you require slaves & their sexual energy. You snap your fingers & I black out. I wake up on the floor shrunken to 1cm. You laugh & tell me that you normally allow worshipers to worship your whole body,but because Im so far beneath you & everyone else,youve shrunk me to where I truly belong & tell me Im only allowed to worship your feet. You tell me to begin worshiping by masturbating to your feet in sneakers. You eventually take off your shoes revealing your mildly dirty socked foot & tell me to continue worshiping. After a bit,you decide that Im below even your feet & remove your socks leaving only your socks on the floor for me to worship. You eventually remove the socks from the floor & place your bare feet in front of me. You tell me Ive done well & reward me with a countdown. You begin counting down from 10. After I release,you welcome me to my new life & walk away."
Femdom, Height Humiliation, Foot Domination, Goddess Worship, Cum Countdown