Little Puck - Mutant Queen Magik Vs Horde of Hell


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...“You have no idea what’s in store for you freaks. Remember all those years you made me serve as the Demon Slut?? Well I beat Belasco’s ass and now I’m Queen. I’ve summoned you all here today because, well, now I want to use you….I’m gonna make your demon dicks throb so fucking hard until you can’t stand it anymore...til you feel like you’re gonna burst and then...that’s it. I’m going to make you all Edge For the Rest of Eternity!!….” Magik, the Mutant Queen, laps at your dick and strokes you, switching from doe-eyed baby talk to devilish bitch as she makes you suffer for enslaving her all those years. She goes in and out of the submissive baby girl slut she used to be, tormenting you with her tits and tongue until she’s grinding on your swollen cock and cumming hard! As she lies there relishing in her orgasm, you suddenly get the upper hand and ATTACK! You and your demon pals tie her up and press your dicks on her face, slapping her with your huge cocks and making her gag on two dicks at once! She tries to resist at first but she can’t help but enjoy being used as a dirty mouth hole. You then make her stand up and wriggle around as you reveal her breasts, put nipple clamps on her and a bondage harness….she finally gives in to the demon's demands and promises to once again fuck The Horde of Hell. She’s harnessed on the bed with her legs up in the air as a Super Huge Demon Cock thwacks against her pussy, rubbing and tormenting her with its huge size grinding away on her clit. She loses control and transforms into a submissive baby girl slut and begs for all the dick as she stuffs it in her pussy and rides it hard and fast. She fucks the demons missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse, trying to get them as deep inside her as they can go until one huge cock bursts inside her releasing a massive creampie. She licks it up and laughs, I’m back bitches!!” Then takes another huge nut to the face! Featuring ahegao, orgasm, cosplay, Marvel comics, X-men fans, new mutant fans, bad dragon, roleplay, transformation fantasy, switch roleplay, huge dildos, extra large demon cocks, bondage, blonde hair, stockings, gloves, middle finger fetish, domme transformed to sub, submissive slut, edging, masturbation encouragement, dildo fucking, doggy dildo fucking, huge creampie, creamy pussy, facial, licking dildo, dildo sucking, cock stroking, handjob, eye cross fetish, baby talk, dirty talk, duel cock blowjob.

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