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You've wandered into a nightclub you've never seen before, you find yourself alone in a corner when all of a sudden a woman in red appears. She immediately locks eyes with you and begins to dance erotically to the music, as she teases you with her perky tits and swaying hips, unabashedly stripping in the club. The song ends and she calls you close with a beckoning finger and commands you to come home with her. You can't help yourself, this mysterious, brazen woman has caught you in her snare....and you follow her back to her Lair. She surprises you again when she changes into a Victorian style corset and ruffled skirt and then tells you to dress down into something more comfortable. She seduces you with a fervent plea for your cock....she's just so hungry and needs to feed..."Don't you wanna feed a sexy girl your hot cum?" She begins to get more aggressive on your dick, stroking and sucking eagerly when all of a sudden...What's This?! Fangs are protuding from her wet lips and her eyes are glowing red! Your dick is getting sucked by a Vampiress!! She shushes you with her mouth as she keeps sucking and stroking, it's easy to quiet the urge to flee, her wet dirty mouth just feels so tight and good around your dick. She reassures you that she's a member of an Enlightened group of vampires that only feed on human hormones....not their flesh. You aren't sure she's telling the truth but...her lips are casting a wicked, wet spell on your dick and there is nothing more you want in the world than to release your hot load into her mouth, your cum spilling out from her gorgeous lips and sharp fangs...But, Dear Sweet Boy, You Might Be In For a Surprise....Featuring vampire cosplay, costume, victorian goth girl, pov blowjob, dildo sucking, fingering pussy, orgasm, fangs, oral fixation, spit fetish, drooling, tongue fetish, mouth fetish, cock stroking, dildo stroking, virtual handjob, pov handjob, handjob, dirty talk, sensual domination, psychological domination, striptease, female domination, cum in mouth, facial, dancing, club slut, red eyes, fantasy.

Blowjob, Fantasy, POV, Sensual Domination, Vampire