Lovely Lilith - Daddy Takes Me Bra Shopping


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Lovely Lilith
Dad! Have you seen mom around? SHE LEFT?! Uhhh... Dad... I kind of have a problem. She was supposed to take me bra shopping today to get a sports bra! I need it for tonight's practice! Why can't I just use the one I have? IT DOESN'T FIT! My boobs kind of grew...a LOT recently... Oh. You noticed? Well-- then you know I need new bras! So... will YOU take me? PLEASE?! I really need new bras! You WILL!? DAD! You're the best!! Wait... under one condition? What is it? You... you want to check and make sure each one fits? Um... Okay. I guess that makes sense! I'm going to go get my shoes! Let's go to the mall now, dad!
Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Taboo, Bra Fetish, Huge Boobs