Maria Moore - Mrs Moore and the Enchanted Necklace


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Mrs Moore, the headmistress at a conservative school, has had her fill of her new drama teacher. He keeps pushing the limits but his ideas for the spring show are way out of line. Mrs Moore has brought him in to her office for a talk. She worries they are just worlds apart and maybe the school is not a great fit for him. He tries to smooth talk her. He even has the brilliant idea for the staff to star in the production considering it is a more adult production. Mrs Moore thinks this is absurd. The teacher has broke Mrs Moore a necklace said be to enchanted. Anyone who wears it will loose all inhibition and give the performance of their life! Mrs Moore is a practical woman and sees this as foolish, but the necklace is lovely, and she loves gifts. She tries it on and all of a sudden feels overheated. She falls from her chair. When she comes to, she is unaware her skirt has been removed. She seems confused standing there in her stockings and panties. She attempts to gather her thoughts but feels the need to move and sway. It is as if something has taken over her body. Soon her mind goes along and Mrs Moore is fully naked waiting to perform just for you.
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huge boobs, mesmerize, milf, taboo, teacher fetish

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