Maria Moore - Sister Maria and the Red Sneakers


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Maria Moore
This is a custom request. Please email to discuss the cost of your fantasy. Sister Maria returns home, from prayer, to find a beautifully wrapped box. She is quite excited to see what is inside. Once she opens it, she finds a note from Father explaining the shoes inside are magical... demonic even! Sister Maria is a woman of great faith, but is very skeptical. Father has quite a sense of humor. Sister Maria knows she must resist the very attractive red sneakers and do as Father has requested. Sister tries to relax and distract herself, but their is a pull. She does not feel capable of controlling her urge to just try the shoes on. It will be quick. No one will know and no one will be harmed. However, once on her feet, Sister Maria feels compelled to move and dance. She is quite hyper now compared to the exhaustion she felt earlier from a long day at retreat. She just is not herself and runs to her room to be sure no one catches her with the new red sneakers! Once locked, safely, in her quarters, Sister Maria starts to panic. She has to get the sneakers off and put them back in the box before Father arrives for dinner. They are stuck though. She cannot get them off her feet. She pushes and pulls and still nothing! Sister starts to feel her anxiety overcome her and then all of a sudden her dress disappears. Sister is there in a red lace bra and thong ! She is so confused and distraught, but knows she must relax. She thinks of all the ways to relax and decides to try something she has only ever heard of before...masturbation. This is a dire situation after all! Luckily for Sister, when the bra and thong appeared and pink dildo popped up as well.
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bbw, mesmerize, religious, sneaker fetish, taboo

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