Maria Moore - Stepmom Under a Spell


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Maria Moore
Maria was under the impression her stepmom was in a happy healthy relationship. Was she wrong! Her stepson's girlfriend has just called to inform her of all the kinky internet porn he was making her watch, as well as some "secret" voyeur videos he had made of Maria. Poor Maria is shocked and horrified. Sadly, Maria's husband is , yet again, out of town on business. She will have to confront her stepson about his perverse behavior. When he arrives home, late, of course, Maria is waiting for him. She can not control her anger and disappointment. The young man hands her a dildo. (Can you believe the nerve?) He claims it is cursed by a gypsy. Maria begins to feel slightly different. all of a sudden things do not seem so terrible. Her stepson just wants her to loosen up. No harm in having a little fun. Maria goes upstairs to find something he might enjoy seeing her wear and puts on some make up. She invites him upstairs to watch, play, and take a few pictures for when they cannot sneak away. **this clip is a custom clip. It is solo and features taboo themes.**
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big boobs, magic control, mesmerize, milf, taboo

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