Maria Moore - Stop Looking At My Feet


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Maria Moore
**This is a custom clip. Please email me to discuss the cost of your personal fantasy. ** Maria has had an exhausting day. She can barely keep her eyes open. She starts to drift mid-conversation. As she drifts, her shoe starts to slip off her feet. Her thick crossed legs make it so the heel dangles from her highly arched foot. Just one little peek before she realizes what has happened. Maria is quite embarrassed. She must hurry up to bed and lay down. She is in bed but so tired. She nods off before taking off her heels and pantyhose. You are watching her struggle to get those heels off, but Maria really wishes you would stop staring at her wrinkled soles. She needs her rest and this is just so embarrassing for her. She is usually so in control, but being this exhausted just has her unable to cover up her feet. After awhile, you check back in to see how Maria is doing. She as managed to remove her hose. In bed with her slippers covering her bare feet, she is struggling to get comfortable. Tossing a bit , she looses her slippers. She realizes you are back and her feet are right in your face. What must you think of her? She is usually so put together and now she is drifting away and has her toes right in your face! She is so ashamed of this behavior. **This clips contains foot fetish themes, as well as a very apologetic and embarrassed milf.**
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bbw feet, embarrassment, foot fetish, pantyhose, wrinkled soles

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