Maria Moore - Was It All A Dream


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Maria Moore
Off in dreamland, Maria feels a sudden rush of pleasure. Seems her naughty neighbor her key under the mat and let himself into Maria’s bedroom. Her finds her there looking so peaceful but he can not resist. He tears Maria’s shirt down the middle and grabs a hold of those huge floppy tits. They are what he has been dreaming about.Maria looks so helpless and horny. Why not fuck his slutty friend . He knows that is what she would want. He spreads those thick thighs and dives deep into her wet cunt. He pounds her BBW curves. She looks like she needs something to suck on. Her mouth always looks so hungry for cock. He slides his hard Vick, dripping in pussy juice, into her mouth. Fucks her face for a bit and then cums in her mouth as to not leave a trace. Maria opens her eyes and realizes that this was so much more than a good dream.
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bbw, cum in mouth, huge tits, milf, pov

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