MelanieSweets - Giantess Melanie found a new sex toy : U


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So I was hanging out In my room when I suddenly realize my little slave is still snoozing... so I wake him up It's time to entertain your goddess little slave, what are u doing?? So before I know it you have the guts to ask me if I can give you a bj… yeah... a bj to your miniature dick.. are you effing kidding me right now?? LOL, how am I supposed to put that tiny thing in my mouth?? All I can do is put u in my mouth, all of you and that is what I do , it's dark in there so hope you are a sissy slave and cry.. ha ha I insert u in my mouth a few times and you get a bit scared but it's ok, you know how much I love that Then I decide I wanna cum but cannot find my fave sex toy so guess what I do?? I use YOU as a sex toy.. ha ha ha, yes I shove you in and out of my pink pussy and you love it, my pussy is so creamy, you are gonna need a bath but since I like punishing you I send you to bed ( my old, dirty sneaker) and u will get to take a bath another day ha ha ha Enjoy little slave!
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