MessyCleo - Oats and Gunge


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t is time again for a great couple scene from Cleo and Bob. This one won't dissapoint guys! Bob, wearing his swimming trunks and black mask, sits in their playpool when Cleo, wearing knickers and cross shaped pasties, enters the scene carrying a bucket of thick slimey porridge. She gets in the pool and stats to fill Bob's swimming trunks, front and backside. Then she dumps the rest of the bucket over him. The both start to rub the mess over Bob, who's pants show clear signs of how exited he is by this treatment. Cleo keeps filling his pants and when she sees what is growing inside, she has to grab it and stroke it for a while. Then Bob takes a bucket of porridge and pours it all over Cleo's head. The thick slimey goo runs slowly over he delicious curves, covering her from top to toe. Both excited now they, Cleo on all fours and Bob behind her, start rubbing the oats all over each others bodies. A bucket of pink xanthan gunge is poured over Cleos head and the rubbing continues. They takes turns, scooping mess in each others pants and a lot of groping takes place. Cleo then covers Bob is green Xanthan gunge before sitting down in his lap, allowing his hands to touch every slimey part of her gorgeous body. They fondle and touch each other as only likeminded messy couples can, leaving no areas untouched. Finally, Cleo asks Bob to sit up on his knees. She pulls down his swimming trunks, revealing his hard tool. She starts to stroke it but then she remembers that there is still one bucket of porridge left. So she orders Bob to lay down om his back and covers his naked body with the thick mess. Then she straddles him and gives him the most satisfying handjob he probably ever had. Ofcourse, this video has a happy ending before the couple, tired but satisfied, lay down next to each other in the mess.
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big boobs, food porn, food sploshing, handjobs, wet & messy

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