Missbehavin26 - Mom Gets Sons Balls Full Of Cum

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Script: Hello. I would love it if you said my name(nikolai) throughout the video. Also would you wear the outfit in Mom blackmailed by sons black friend but without any panties on please? The video starts off by you telling me to come downstairs to talk. I see on the couch with your arms and legs crossed looking rather upset. I ask you what's wrong mom? You tell me how worried you are about me going off to med school to become a doctor and how I won't ever come back home to you. You just want to feel needed by me. I reassure you that I won't leave you and everything will be alright. You immediately start to perk up and start to reminisce of all the fun you and I had together. Like that one time you took me out of school for like a week to go to Hawaii. How I got buzzed off of 6 mimosa and you got worried that I couldn't walk back to the room while we were there. So you just brought me back to the room and we just cuddle till I fell @slep with your arms around me. The time we went to Vegas and had a blast. When your dad left and then you became my big strong boy. You start explaining how you you just can't watch me leave you and that you need you sweet boy all to yourself. So you cut to the chase and tell me that you are going to lock my adorable 4 inch virgin cock into a chastity cage. You say that mommy needs you to stay a virgin babby boy. So that you will always have me. You tell me mommy knows what's best for you son and that you love me so much that you will do anything to protect me. You try easing me into it by uncross your legs and showing me your sweet pink pussy. You tell me to take off my boxers and show you my little pecker. You smile and giggle a little bit. You compare my little cock and balls to a cupcake with a lil cherry on top. You tell me to start playing with myself You talk about how you see me naked getting out of the shower and how it turns you you on to see your son tiny little penis. And how you always just fantasized about coming into my room at night and giving me a long sloppy blowjob. You also still miss me sucking on your big tits. Without skipping a bet you take out your gorgeous tits and start squeezing them and shoving in my face. Finally you stand up and start showing off your ass. You telling me if I'm a good boy and put on the chastity cage you will let me worship your ass when ever I like. You tell me how you have waited for me to surrender myself to you. You will tease and worship my little cock for as long as wear my cage being mommy's good virgin boy. You tell me to stop jerking and tell me that you want my balls full of cum when I go into chastity. Finally you kiss my and tell me to put on my chastity cage and end with I love you nikolai. Thank you
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