missmadisonstone - Sweaty Ass Treats - Toilet Humiliation


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I think you're cut out for a new job. The job as my personal toilet slave. Your first day at work starts today and I left you some yummy ass treats. My ass hasn't been washed in days, I wanted to build up a nice musky and sex aroma for you. Since you're too much of a weirdo and freak you won't be getting any more than smelling the sex off my lady parts....you can dream and jerk off to how amazing sex with me would be like. You are put on this planet to get on your knees and serve a sexy goddess like me. Roll out your tongue and start cleaning my dirty asshole. I'll spread my ass cheeks so you can get right in there and take a deep breath in, jerk off and continue cleaning up! My asshole is dirty, filthy and very sweaty so you are required to clean it....even the skid marks
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