MoRina - Alien Belly Growing While I Rest

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MoRina comes home from work exhausted, quickly crashes on her bed with her tank top and miniskirt on. During the course of her nap, her belly gets fully exposed and starts pushing out. Something is trying to burst out of her belly, but she doesn't wake up. The alien growing inside her belly is keeping her from waking until it's close to birthing itself out of her body. Finally, after moaning in pain during the nap and her belly pulsating, it allows her to awaken, but not speak. She tries to protest when she realizes something is controlling her. Then she hears it speak to her inside her head and it allows her to speak back briefly.... She asks why it chose her and what is it going to do? It tells her that her belly was perfect to grow an alien baby... a host belly. It stops her from talking and proceeds to grow until it is ready to burst
aliens & monsters, belly fetish, fantasy, impregnation fantasy, pregnant