Ms Vivian Leigh - Amazon owns your dick and your wallet

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your wife is a very ordinary five foot three woman. Nothing special about her at all, but she's just short enough to not threaten your masculinity. But you're enamored with a five foot seven Goddess. Her legs are long and glorious. Not short and boring like the stumps that hold your wife just barely off the ground. When you go out in public with her, she is visibly taller than you. She doesn't have pity on your pride and wear flats. No, she wears peep toe pumps, and when she is feeling particularly cruel- she wears 6.5 inch high heels. When your wife wears thigh highs, they go all the way up to her thighs. When your Amazonian Goddess wears thigh highs, they come barely above the knee, and she has to continuously roll them up to make them higher. It drives you crazy. It makes you want to spend. You tell the wife that she can't buy things she actually needs right now because finances are tight. Truth is, you need every cent to spend on anything your Amazonian wants. If you stopped spending she would leave you to the curb like trash. You mean nothing to her. Sometimes she jokes about sending your stupid short wife photos of you and her out in public, her towering over you, and you looking up at her like the God she is. It scares you but it makes your dick hard. She is so cruel to you and you love it. She dominates you financially, she makes you kneel on the floor before her like the footstool you are, dominating you with her pantyhose clad feet, making you smell them, lick them, kiss them, worship them. Something a woman of average height could never do
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