Naughty Christine - Naughty Seduces a 18 Year Old


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This is a customer clip . It was requested that Christine was out shopping and walking through a park . She hears some boys whistling at her . There are a bunch of 18 year old's playing ball nearby, she noticed when walking . This annoys her and tells them she is old enough to be there mother and wants to be left alone . She continues on her way when she hears someone behind her, however she does not notice that she dropped her keys walking towards the parking lot . Again she turns around annoyed and then realizes he was only doing a good deed by returning her keys . She looks him over and thinks he is hot and invites him to her place just for fun . Christine can't believe she is going to fuck someone this young but she is wet and horny and undresses. She hopes he has big cock but finds he is only average and it will have to do . She mounts his cock and tells him to fuck her wet pussy ...that he needs to cum in her ..and she rides his cock until they both cum . .She climbs off and get dressed ...he asks for her number and she laughs. She tells him she was old enough to be his mother was fun but get dressed and leave . Just a boy toy
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