Nicole Nabors - A few too many


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You're out at a bar and Nicole has had a few too many so you take her home. She thanks you. She gets to talking and tells you that this isn't gonna be a one night stand kind of thing because she had a boyfriend. But then she comes to the conclusion that her bf is out cheating on her anyways so why not do it too. She tells you your hot and she wants you to fuck her. She clumsily takes off her clothes and slurs a bit. She tells you to take advantage of her. Your both horny so you give in. You fuck her missionary, cowgirl, riding, reverse cowgirl, and missionary again. She tells you not to cum in her because she's not on the pill but you can't hold back and do it anyways. She likes it and lays there with cum inside of her.
Size: 2.23 GB
clubbing, creampie, dirty talking, pov, taboo

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