Nicole Nabors - Buy my cookies


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You hear a knock at your door and open it. Its a girl scout. She tells you she's trying to sell all of her boxes of cookies to win the contest and that your house is the last house so she really needs you to buy some! You invite her in. She's so excited she's gonna sale some cookies! She throws the pitch for the cookies but you tell her you don't wanna buy any cookies. This gets her so upset and she begs you to her cookies "please mister buy some of my cookies they are really great! I need to sell all of these to win the contest! I'll do anything if you buy them. Please mister!" You tell her you'll buy a box if she does a dance. Shes so excited and starts to dance. You then say you'll buy another box if she dances with her boobs out. Shes hesitant... She knows she's not supposed to do that. She tells you if you buy 5 boxes she will! She takes her boobs out and dance for you... One thing leads to another and Nicole sucks you off and tells you "if you like my mouth so much, you'll love my pussy! All you have to do is buy all my cookies mister!"
Size: 1.66 GB
cosplay, pigtails, pov, role play, taboo

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