Nicole Nabors - Mommies cuckold


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Your room is being renovated so your having to stay in the bed with your mommy and daddy. You and mommy both drift off but mommy wakes up from your dad being horny and wanting to have sex. Your mom is worried you'll wake up and how they will explain what's going on. They start having sex, your mommy keeps looking at you trying to be quiet and making sure you don't wake up. She takes her big tits out for your dad as he fucks her harder. What if he wakes up?? She looks at you and notices you've awaken! She covers herself quickly, she sees that you have a boner! Dad says "all boys his age would have a hard on for their hot mommy, bet hes seen you naked before and jerks off to his gorgeous mother anyways." She makes you confess to this, she then let's you watch her get fucked. She tells you to touch yourself and jerk off to her big bouncing tits. She then let's your touch and play with them while jerking off. Mommy helps you out and gives you a handjob while dirty talking. You cum in her hand and now it's dads turn to cum in mommy. Your both such naughty boys. She knows this turns him on bad. She fantasies about letting you fuck her infront of your dad. He explodes inside of her..
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cuckolding, handjobs, mommy roleplay, pov, taboo

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