Nicole Nabors - Nicole Hyde


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Custom video. Dr. Jekyll tests his new formula on himself, with the unexpected side effect of turning into a woman and creating Ms. Hyde! Dr. Jekyll stumbles into the bathroom, face covered, grunting and moaning as he grabs the sink. He slowly looks up to realize he's infront of a mirror. What's this!? Feminine face, long hair, a large bust?? He examines his new body (Ms. Hyde). She gets into the shower, when she steps out she realizes someone is watching her. She explains that she's Dr. Jekyll's new assistant, Nicole, Nicole Hyde. And that she spilt coffee on her clothes so she had to shower. In the next scene Nicole went shopping but feels faint, she looks down to see her hands changing to man hands! "No.. No Dr. Jekyll, this body is mine.." She falls the to floor, grunting and moaning. She awakens to find herself back as a woman. She gets dressed and flirts with a guy down the hall but is interrupted by changes.. She runs to her room and falls to the floor moaning and grunting. She pulls herself to the bed, somehow her clothes transformed to mens clothing during the transformation but she back again! Still Ms. Hyde! She decides to break in the bad boy between her legs and she might as well now! She seduces the man down the hall. But before she can get anywhere he boobs shrink!! She runs to the bathroom and falls to the floor grabbing at her stomach moaning in pain...
Size: 1.12 GB
body part comparison, gender transformation, role play, transformation fantasies, transformation fetish

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