Nicole Nabors - The crazy coworker


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Custom video. Nicole is a coworker that is crazy for you. She is so infatuated with you and losing her mind over you to the point she comes over to your house to confess her love to you! She comes into your house talking fast and kind of hysterical about how much she loves you, how much she wants you more than anything. She starts to seduces you while still begging you to leave your wife for her. She starts taking off her clothes showing off her young hot body. You ask her to leave but thats not an option for her. She doesn't care if your family walks in, she starts masturbating to the thought of us and squirts on the floor! She sees your getting excited, she starts showing off her ass and farting! You didn't know you had a kink for that but it turns you on. She pulls your cock out and sucks you off, she takes out her phone to record us and says after she sucks your cock she'll leave and she wants to remember it. You let her. (She keeps farting and dirty talking throughout.) She wants more. You say it wasn't part of the deal. She black mails you and tells you unless you fuck her, she's going to show your family the video! She loves the control she has over you and starts laughing. She rides you cock and then you bend her over and fuck her. She begs for you admit she's better than your wife. When you finally admit it, your family walks in! She laughs and says keep fucking me!! She looks at your wife and says your hers now! Your family leaves but your wife stays long enough to hear Nicole fart and tell you to cum in her!! Custom video.
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cheating, farting, home wrecker, pov, taboo

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