Nicole Nabors - The witches revenge


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Your friends dare you to sneak into the house in the woods where everyone claims is haunted by ghost of witch and appears to anyone foolish enough to go in alone. You go in and look around and see nothing, your about to leave but something catches your eye. It's the ghost of the witch! Your froze in fear but also entranced by her beauty. She seduces you and is hungry. She gives you a mind blowing tit job and blowjob. Your overcome by the sensations and cum all over her face. You come to your senses and quickly dash out of the house while she tells you she's not done yet, she will find you regardless of where you go. You get home sweaty and your mom tells you to shower. After your shower, you get hit from behind and are knocked out. You awaken to find your mom in a cheerleader outfit, she has been possessed by the witch! She gets her revenge!
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creampie, mommy roleplay, pov, role play, taboo

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