Nicole Nabors - Vampire domme meets justice


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Nicole walks into the room. She sees your wondering whats going on. She introduces herself as the "Vampire Queen", the one you have long been searching to slay with your wooden stake. She tells you the reason every slayer has failed in their endeavor is because of this irresistible body. She seduces you and sees how turned on you are. She tells you she's going to seduce you like the others by draining all your energy from your cock (the other stake). She tells you to "put it through me slayer, let your stake be your downfall". "Thats it slayer, give it to me, let me drain your soul!" She realizes your more powerful than she thought and she pulls away. She then decides to drain you the old fashioned way, leaning in to sink her fangs in you, she gasps and staggers back to show the wooden stake impaled in her cleavage. "You staked me after all!" She staggers around the room struggling showing off her sexy body. She collapses onto the bed. She then commands you to give a last orgasm before her demise. "Slayer, impale me! Finish what you started!" She groans in ecstasy until she is no more. Hope you enjoyed the game!
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femdom, pov, queen, role play, vampire

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