Nicole Nabors - Vampire school girl


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Custom video. Nicole comes into your office. She says "have I been naughty in class professor?" "Shall I show you how naughty I can be?" She shows off her body and begins to control you. She tells you to lay down. She begins to ride you and asks why you called her into your office. You tell her that you think she has [email protected] from three of her classmates necks. She admits she's been a naughty little vampire girl. Still riding you She begs you to punish her for being naughty, then suddenly she gasps! You staked me!?? You were ready for me! I should have known!... Don't stop now! Let me have some fun before I pay for my deeds! She rides you till she climaxes and falls back onto the bed.
Size: 842.43 MB
pov, riding, role play, teeth, vampire

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