NinaCrowne - Dr. Nina's Phobia Clinc: Treatment I

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You’ve checked yourself into Dr. Nina’s Phobia Clinic because of your disabling fear of needles. People you know and the reviews online all said that her procedures cured them from their anxiety and fears, so you trust that she will do the right thing for you. After you signed the waiver giving her and the staff full control of you for as long as they see fit, Dr. Nina explains how things will work. Her favorite and most effective treatment is exposure therapy, and she’s going to start with you today. She can see the fear in your body and as you start to fight after seeing the needles, she calls to her assistants to come restrain you. It’s best to just give into the fear. Yes, it’s going to hurt, but you fighting against it will only make things worse. Methodically, she pulls the needles from their guards and shows them to you before sliding them into your skin. Remember, this is all for the best…you signed up for it and you can’t leave until the treatments are all over. Maybe next time you’ll want to take care of your fear induced erection before treatment, otherwise she will have to take care of it herself.
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