PavlovsWhore - Fan Fuck and Facial


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For any of those curious as to what a "fantasy meet" entails... There is no greater feeling than knowing you're fulfilling someone's ultimate desire! Worshiping his cock (paying special attention to his ever so sensitive balls!) was one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had - he fell in love with my videos long ago and wanted nothing more than to shoot one of his own, something to treasure and cherish in memory of our time together. Please, enjoy over twenty minutes of high quality, 1080p footage of our fun together: after deep-throating his ENORMOUS, I ask to take a ride. I couldn't bear not having his huge dick inside of me... The way he really stretched me out and filled me up was to die for! I cum all over his twelve inches and he proceeds to take over, spinning me around and fucking me hard from behind. His favorite part of each one of my videos has always been the facial, so he couldn't wait to paint his own masterpiece all over my face! The video is completed with an absolutely massive load, shown in beautiful slow motion. I hope you all enjoy watching this at least HALF as much as I did filming it! Such a special time
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