PeachySkye - The Truth Game SPE - Please read first


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This is a custom video (Following quite a specific custom script) featuring the gorgeous Isla White. The video starts off with 2 couples playing a game on an app, Isla is very positive about her sexual experiences but Peachy is a bit more reserved as she knows her boyfriend.. well.. he isn't exactly big. The girls answer some questions given to them by their partners and there is a dare to remove their tops and make out.. the girls enjoy touching eachothers big juicy tits while the boys watch in awe. Isla asks Peachy who has the bigger cock out of the two. Peachy knows the answer already and doesn't want to embarrass him but she is f orced into a dare where she reveals the size of his cock. The girls reward the boys by giving them a BJ. Isla has to work very hard and her partners big cock makes her gag while Peachy has very little to do apart from give Isla some envious glances while she sucks her partners massive dick. Peachy reassures you that she loves you and it's ok that you don't have a big one too. The video ends with the two couples on the bed fucking. Again, Peachy gives Isla some envious glances as her partners huge cock fills her up. Peachy can't take it anymore and explains to Isla and her partner that she is proud of her boyfriends little dick and that they find their own ways to get off. She then asks Isla if they can watch them fuck while they masturbate. **No Visible Penetration**
Size: 2.89 GB
big tits, blonde, games, role play, small penis encouragement

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