Penelope Peach - Cum on Your Sister's Glasses


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You walk into your sister's room to borrow a phone charger but are surprised to find her in a tank top and panties wearing her glasses instead of her contacts like usual. Your dick instantly starts twitching... you've always loved her in those glasses. She tells you to get out, her paper is due tomorrow and she has lots to do. You just can't get yourself to leave... At first she's mean but when she sees your hard cock through your pants her mood turns playfully antagonizing. She agrees to let you jerk it while she watches but you remind her of how much quicker she could get back to her homework if she sucked it. She rolls her eyes and laughs but agrees. Soon shes sucking you off and you can't believe how amazing her silky mouth feels. As you get closer she reveals that she knew you got hard because of her glasses and encourages you to cum on them. You bust a big load all over her face and glasses. She laughs and tells you to get out so she can finally finish her paper.
Eye Glasses, Facials, BBW, Sisters, Taboo