Penny Barber - First Time My Husband Wet His Diaper

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Penny Barber
First Time My (Non-ABDL) Husband Wet His Diaper (ABDL Storytime) I’m really into storytime videos and thought that I would like to do one of my own! I hope that you enjoy it and that it gets you nice and hard in your diaper. Wearing my cute lingerie, I talk to you about the first time my husband ever wet a diaper for me, even though he isn’t an ABDL. I talk about what I did to help him relax and get into it so that we could have really hot diaper sex in his soaking Tykables diaper. This is my first storytime video and I’m a little nervous, but this is one of my favorite ABDL stories and go-to masturbation fodder for me. I hope that you like it
diaper, diaper fetish, taboo