Penny Barber - Grandad's Sexy Sole Inheritor


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Penny Barber
My grandparents (you and my grandmother) are visiting for a while, which is just fine with me. You see me as being so innocent and pure and absolutely adore me. Then, when I go to do some laundry, I find that someone has masturbated into my underwear. As it dawns on me that this is my grandfather’s sperm in my panties, I hatch a plan. That night, I get you alone after everyone has gone to bed. I start teasing you, calling you a dirty old man and telling you that I know something about you, something that you should have tried harder to keep hidden. Then I pull out that familiar little, white, satin thong. I inhale the scent of your cum and even taste it. Perhaps I’m not as innocent as you thought, Granddaddy! That’s when I start to play hardball. You see, you’re going to play a game with me, a game which I will win. You’re going to spoil me rotten—a new roadster, money whenever I want it, my rent paid for, a credit card on your account—and I’m going to spoil you in return. Just imagine it: my tight, young pussy eagerly taking your mature cock, a fresh pair of my panties everyday, and the joy of being my personal sex toy. It’s almost too much for you to take it. Then I start stripping out of my “good girl” clothes to reveal matching satin bra and panties, telling you how to touch your hard cock for me. You’ve longed to see me out of my conservative clothes, my big breasts that can’t be concealed by my prim little sweaters completely bare. It’s like one of your perverted dreams cum true! Just do what I tell you, grandpa, and you’ll never have to wake up
blackmail fantasy, daddys girl, financial domination, money fetish, taboo