Penny Barber - Velma Solves Mystery Of Mister Pee Pants


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Penny Barber
I lost my glasses while looking for clues to a mystery but in my search for those missing spectacles I stumbled upon something wet and squishy. What could it be? Luckily, I found my glasses in time to discover the source of the dampness was none other than the crotch of your jeans. You probably would have gotten away with wetting yourself if it had not been for me snooping around but since I am here now, I may as well help you out. First we take off these jeans and then we put on this diaper. Of course you need a diaper, what else would a pants wetter wear? I mean, even if I had not found you sitting in your own pee, just the sight of your thingy makes me think it probably belongs in a diaper. I am no expert but yours looks pretty small and dinky. Still kind of fun to play with while I am diapering you though. I wonder what else might be fun to do with your little thingy before I tape it up in your diaper and get back to my very important case.
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diaper discipline, femdom sex, handjobs, jeans/pants wetting, sph

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